How To Get Your Toddler To Love Books And Reading


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Reading to your kids often can help develop a love for books. It is also a great way to bond with your little ones. Reading to your baby can bring plenty of benefits, especially in early language learning and development of literacy skills.

If you have a toddler in the house, reading is one of the fun things you can do to help him or her learn new things. Here are tips on how you can encourage your child to love books and enjoy reading.

Access to books

Make access to books really easy for your toddler. Let your toddler pick what story they want to read. Your child’s first books should be filled with colorful pictures or characters. Touch and feel learning books are great for your toddler (GET IT HERE) while cloth books are excellent choices for your newborn.

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Ask Questions While Reading

It’s great if you let your kid participate in the reading by asking “what” questions. For instance, point to an object in the book and ask your toddler to identify it. Confirm your child’s correct answer by repeating it, i.e. “Yes, that’s an apple.” Once your child is an expert in answering “what” questions, move on to open-ended questions to engage the little one more. You can ask questions like, “what do you see in the picture” or “what happened?”

Give a brief and simple explanation

Explain more about your toddler’s answer but make sure that it’s short and easy for the little one to understand. Follow-up on their phrases, i.e.: “That’s right! It’s a bird, a blue bird.” “What happened to the bird?” “The bird is resting inside a little house.”

Repetition is key

Toddlers can pick favorites and once they have found one, you might find yourself reading the same book over and over again. But this is your toddler’s way of learning and absorbing things.

A 2011 study found in Frontiers in Psychology stated that kids who read the same book over and over can remember the meaning of a new word much better than kids who encounter the same word from reading different books.

Lead by example

Your child loves to imitate what you do. If they see you read often, they’ll likely to follow. A home with readers will also breed readers.

Have you read to your child lately?

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