Toddlers and Cars: Kai’s First Time To Drive His Toy Car


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More than a month after we purchased the remote-controlled toy car for our little boy, he is no longer afraid to ride it. When we first bought the car, we thought Kai would immediately enjoy the moment and not leave his ride ever, but we were wrong. He wouldn’t go near it and wouldn’t get inside.

But that’s over now – and he enjoys the ride so much. We could go two blocks within the subdivision without stopping. He’d be there inside the car, behaving and just happily steering the wheel (but of course, I’m behind the wheel, technically).

This was last week, and as a busy mom, I wasn’t able to put it in writing immediately. But of course, my husband was able to capture it on video. We wouldn’t want to miss this!

Check out Kai giving his car a spin.

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