Traveling To Singapore With A Toddler Can Be Hard, And I Lost My Cool


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This blogging thing – I never got the hang of it. It’s kind of a challenge to make sure I keep this page updated. I have two writing jobs and I have to maintain another site – our main site. Mix that with a clingy toddler and I’m left with only little time to make sure I come back to this page often.

So, the big thing that happened the past few weeks is that we had our first out of the country vacation with our toddler. We visited Singapore and our main goal was to bring him to the zoo to see the animals he only gets to see on YouTube.

I say it was an exciting experience to take a trip abroad with an energetic child. It wasn’t easy I tell you. There were times he made me reach my breaking point that I lost it. Imagine this little one getting under the security check tables and I constantly need to make sure he doesn’t get run over by the airport buggy. The most irritating part is that I am left to tackle him all by myself when in fact, his grandma and dad are around. No – because the mom gets to deal with all of the sh*t. lol

But I should learn better how to keep my cool. I need to keep a list of tips on how to travel with a toddler with ease. If there’s an article on that somewhere online, I haven’t read about it, obviously. I know for one that you need to keep something in handy that will capture his attention. I guess his favorite toy Thomas the train won’t suffice.

Having him drop to the ground to roll over doesn’t really get me. What I worried about was him constantly running around and bumping into people or things. Pfft. Kids. Kai received some pinching from me. And I even felt bad afterward when I get to reminisce about his infant days. But let’s face it, he’s no longer an infant  – no longer so innocent. He’s found a way to tick me off, but at the same time make me melt with his smile. Oh well. Life of a mother.

So, there I was I thought I could keep up with blogging (and vlogging) once I get to Singapore with the ultra-high speed Internet connection they have there. But I was wrong. We were always on the go seeing at least two attractions in a day, covering as many places as we possibly can. We set off early in the morning and we come home late at night. By the time we reached the place we were staying in (Thanks so much for your hospitality Auntie Lucy), we’re exhausted. There’s no time to think about writing about my day. I was too tired for that.

I just waited for a free time to do this write-up. It’s Sunday and I’ve finished my work and luckily the little man is asleep. But even though as I write, I’m already thinking about the other many things I need to write about our trip. I’m just getting started with this and there are also tons of video clips I need to stitch to make my vacation vlog.

A mother’s work is never done.



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