The Tree Sunset Beach Tabuelan Review


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Having grown up in the 90s makes me realize that life was simple, happy and free of distractions then. That’s not to say that I don’t like technology because I do. I benefit a lot from it and without it, I may not have the job that I have (and love) today. And of course, life wouldn’t be that easy. But over the weekend, I sorta went on a digital detox, most specifically, taking a break on social media, which I  haven’t done in like forever. And I did it while we were in The Tree Sunset Beach Tabuelan Cebu.

I would say going on a digital detoxification, or taking a break from the online world and not using electronic devices, in Tabuelan may not be the best choice. There are a few beaches that are more breathtaking than Tabuelan, and I’m referring to the unparalleled (in my book, so far), Bantayan Island, for instance. But we happened to stay in that area because Ivan’s sis had booked a room in the Tree Sunset Beach Tabuelan Cebu to celebrate my stepdaughter, Chelsea’s 12th birthday.

It took us four hours from Mactan to reach the beach area maybe because we had made a few stops along the way. Once we reached the tree sunset resort, we didn’t get inside the room right away since there are still people inside the room, which his sis had booked. It’s not check-in time for new guests. We waited until 12 p.m. by the wooden bench – because that’s what the hotel had for a theme – wooden furniture, wooden walls, wooden arches.

As we waited, Ivan’s mom and his uncle were busy preparing for lunch. I was out on the beach with Kai. He and I were the first to get wet because our little booger just couldn’t wait to get to the beach.

How’s the water in Tree Sunset Beach Tabuelan Cebu?

It’s okay, I would say. I’ve had a lot more gorgeous beach visits — still, Bantayan’s on my mind —  but the Tree Sunset beach is definitely better than most of the beaches here in Lapu-Lapu. So a visit to Tabuelan was definitely refreshing. I’ve never been to this part of Cebu so I was glad to be here. And of course – we were there to celebrate Chelsea and Kai’s happy enough to be with her and play on the beach.

We were the first to get wet upon arriving on the beach.
It was a refreshing trip to the tree sunset beach tabuelan cebu
Managed to take this beautiful sunset

You can have all the fun under the sun and you get to enjoy the clear turquoise waters of the beach. Definitely, a good choice for a summer vacay. The sand is not as powdery fine as in Bantayan but it’s sand, and Kai’s happy to dig it with his toy shovel. It was scorching hot when we arrived but fortunately, there were plenty of coconut trees and the place we had stayed in had a huge Talisay tree to provide shade.

Enjoying the lovely morning with the island pack.
Credit to Ivan’s sis.

How’s Tree Sunset Beach?

The airconditioned family room good for six guests was pretty decent for the price of Php3500. And as what Ivan’s sis said, we didn’t suffer during our stay. The resort does give a beautiful view of the beach and the sunset – I’d give them that, but they could definitely improve – like their water supply and their beds. The beds were typical – not comfortable but will do, I guess. I know when a place is really BAD, like that time when we booked a cheapo “hotel” in Bohol but so far, Tree Sunset didn’t cross that line during our stay. When you check their reviews on Facebook, sadly, a lot of people didn’t enjoy their stay. But for us, it was okay. I didn’t see anyone complaining heavily. I would give it 3 stars.


Overall, we had a pleasant stay at The Tree Sunset Beach in Tabuelan Cebu. We couldn’t complain. Would I come back to stay in the same place if it were with Ivan and the kids? No, we wouldn’t. But Tabuelan, in general, offers beautiful beaches. We might come back but stay in a different hotel.

And because I didn’t always have my phone with me that time – other than use it to listen to Kodaline and read a book from Lauren Layne, I just stole some pics from Ivan’s sis.


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