5 Ideas For A Great Valentine’s Day Date With Kids


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When you think about Valentine’s Day, flowers, chocolates, cute stuffed toys, fancy dates and mushy couples immediately come to mind. However, the meaning of this annual holiday (although not a public holiday) changes when you become a parent. It becomes a Valentine’s Day date with kids (or kid).

I remember our first Valentine’s Day after having Kai. It was on Feb. 14, 2015. We took the kids out to I.T. Park and just plopped onto a blanket we brought and had some chips. It was sweet. Nothing fancy. We had each other and that was enough.

Just to be clear, Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to give up romantic dates with your significant other just because you now have a kid. It’s either you go out and leave your kids with a babysitter (a.k.a. Grandparents for most Pinoys) or you take them out and enjoy Valentine’s Day date with kids. If you’re going for the latter, here are some ideas you might want to check out.

Go on a picnic

A couple and their baby on the picnic grounds on Valentine's Day

The weather is typically cool in our area during February and it should be a great time to enjoy a picnic with the family. This classic date is a great idea if you plant to have a Valentine’s Day date with kids. Some of the spots in Cebu great for picnics are Family Park, Sirao Flower Garden and Mountain View Nature’s Park. The time you spend with your family outdoors can be relaxing. Make sure you bring around your child’s basic needs like water, mosquito repellent and some snacks.

Dinner at Child-Friendly Restaurants

Family having dinner at a restaurant as a Valentaine's Day date

You may no longer expect to have a romantic candle-lit dinner with your kid. You can’t imagine leaving the little one with someone while he or she’s crying or feeling sad because mommy’s not around. Why not go to a fancy family-friendly restaurant and make it a memorable Valentine’s Day date with kids?

A family dinner will go well as long as you keep your little one, especially your toddler entertained. You can check out the restaurant kit I wrote about so your tot doesn’t get bored during dinners.

Dinner at Home

A nice family having a special and intimate Valentine's Day dinner at home

If everyone’s too lazy to go out, why not just stay home and have a special Valentine’s Day dinner? You know this Valentine’s Day date with kids will be extra special because you’ve put your creative and loving touch to it with your home-cooked meals. Of course, let Daddy help out as well. Check out these easy Valentine’s Day meals recipe you can make at home that your kid will surely love.

Movie Marathon Night

If you want to have a Valentine’s Day date with your kids, a movie marathon night would be a great idea. After enjoying a home-cooked Valentine’s dinner, sit back and enjoy watching family-friendly movies with some cookies on the side. Check out this Oreo Cheesecake Cookie recipe here.

Bonus: Why not take your movie night to the next level with an outdoor cinema — a DIY outdoor cinema that is! Check out this project on how you can make your very own movie projector using your SMARTPHONE!

Road trip!

Road trip is a great way to have a Valentine's Day date with kids

Because we’re a fan of trips and because most of the time, restaurants are full during Valentine’s Day, why not make the celebration more meaningful by having a road trip with the family? It’s surely a day they will always remember. Personally, I think a road trip is the best idea of a Valentine’s Day date with kids.

It wouldn’t hurt to go on a Valentine’s Day date with kids every year. It can be a tradition that you might want to start with the little ones. After all, they won’t be so young for long and soon enough, they will have to go on their own dates. For now, though, savor each moment you can have with your little one.

How will you spend Valentine’s Day this year? Let me know your thoughts by hitting the comments below! <3 <3

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