What To Do In Cebu With Kids: Visit Kawasan Falls


Earlier in August (this post has been in drafts for weeks lol), the family had planned to visit Kawasan Falls. That’s because we wanted to quench our thirst for adventure. It’s one of those days when we decided we need to take a break from the desk and go for a nature trip and Kawasan just felt the ideal place to be.

I’ve not been to Kawasan in over a decade. The last time I was there, I was maybe 11 or 12 and I have to say things have changed since then. What’s the same is that it remains a popular spot among tourists.

Getting To Kawasan Falls with your own car

If you wish to do something fun that’s related to nature, visiting Kawasan Falls in Matutinao, Badian with the kids is a great idea. If you have your own transportation, you won’t miss the sign on the left coming from Cebu City. You can park your vehicle in the parking lot of a church nearby. The parking fee is P50 for the entire day.

Getting To Kawasan Falls via Bus Terminal

If you don’t have a car, head to the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. You’ll be riding the public bus for four (4) hours to get to the area. You can take Ceres buses to Santander via Barili. Just look out for the signs on the bus or simply ask questions from people at the terminal. Bus fare is at P110 ($2) for non-aircon and P130 ($2.4) for aircon, as of this writing.

Once you get to Brgy. Matutinao, you won’t miss the sign that says Kawasan Falls. You can now start your trek to see the falls.

Things to Bring

    • camera/action-cam

What To Expect

You have a choice to hire a guide during your entire trek or not. In our case, we did not because we’ve been there many times before and the place is familiar. You also need to pay an entrance fee of P40 per head. Staff will just welcome you at the entrance and ask you to pay.

As you trek to the site where the waterfalls are, you will see shops along the way selling food, bangles, dry bags and renting out life jackets. If you don’t have some with you, we highly recommend renting life jackets especially if you visit Kawasan Falls with kids. Safety is a priority.

The Waterfalls

Tourists who visit Kawasan will surely be impressed by the beauty of the falls’ turquoise waters. It’s a great place for family and big groups, especially when you get to be on a raft that passes under the falling water. Kawasan Falls is composed of three levels, with the first being the easiest to reach and the most crowded.

Visiting Kawasan Falls with Kai

It was an awesome experience to be trekking a distance of about 1.5km to get to the waterfall with the family. It was definitely the break we needed. We love nature and we know Kai enjoys nature walks as well. What’s surprising is that Kai never complained of being tired during the walk to and back from the waterfalls. He’d be tired walking around the mall than during nature walks, and that makes us happy parents.

Visiting Kawasan Falls in Cebu is a great weekend adventure for the family

I must warn you – if you imagine yourself relaxing in a quiet, natural scene, you won’t find it there. Certainly not in the first-level. Because Kawasan Falls has become popular among locals and tourists, you don’t get the untouched vibe in the area. Commercial stores and tables and chairs line the side to accommodate visitors. You can bring food or snacks from outside but there are also food stalls there where you can eat. In our case, we stopped by Carcar to buy some lechon. (If you’ve read my post, it’s one of the places in Cebu where you can find the best-tasting lechon.

If you, however, want that quiet moment with nature, you can hike further up to get to the second level. I wouldn’t know because we didn’t go to the top when we visited. But according to the Swedish Nomad, the second-level is where you need to be to enjoy nature’s best. The waterfall is rather smaller on this level but it’s beautiful nonetheless. On the third level, the waterfall is much smaller and it might not be worth your climb all the way to the top. Unless, of course, you just like to go on a hike.

While Kai did enjoy seeing rivers and different greeneries, the same thing cannot be said of the water. He’s a fickle one. He loves getting wet but he dreads getting into the water. He was just staying at the edge, splashing water. When I carry him up to get to the deeper part, that’s when he starts to scream. Haha!

Oh, and yeah! The water is so refreshingly cool, it’s definitely inviting.

More Things to Do near Badian

You know how Cebu is home to many gorgeous beaches, yeah? After our little Kawasan Falls adventure, we decided to go to Lambug beach. It’s one of the nice family-friendly beaches I’ve listed in my previous post. We took Kai there but it was a Sunday, so it was crowded. Have to be honest here, it wasn’t so beautiful as it was when we visited some 3 years ago. The water was murky – it’s probably because of the weather that day. Last I remember about Lambug it was a nice beach. Maybe we were there at the wrong moment.

Still, Kai enjoyed being on the beach.

This little guy definitely loves beaches!













There you have it – our little weekend adventure in Kawasan Falls. Whether you’ve been to Cebu or you’re from Cebu, Kawasan Falls is a great place to visit with the family! If you have questions, comment them down below! Would love to hear from you.


  1. I have never been to Cebu before, but now it’s on my bucket list! The Kawasan Falls look absolutely breathtaking and love that it’s kid friendly!

  2. It sounds like you spent a wonderful weekendü It is a good idea to change the scenary for once and breathe a different air! You little one reminds me of my son when he was younger! he liked water but not being actually “in it” lol


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