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Nursing Clothes Philippines: Where To Order Online?




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[This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full Disclosure policy.] One of the challenges that moms face when choosing to breastfeed is doing it in public. Let’s face it  – there will always be a group of moms who will feel shy about nursing in public despite the fact that breastfeeding is natural. I happen to be one of those moms. And this is the reason I need to share some tips on where to buy nursing clothes online.

There are so many shops for nursing clothes in the Philippines

Whoever came up with the idea of nursing clothes is just awesome. It makes life a lot easier for moms like me. When you decide to breastfeed, your taste in fashion will mostly depend on only one thing- how easily accessible your boobs are for your little one. You can wear loose tops with a tube top underneath or you can go for buttoned shirts.

Should You Really Buy Nursing Clothes?

Moms have different levels of being comfortable when it comes to exposing their skin while breastfeeding, regardless of whether she’s doing a direct latch or pumping in public. Also, some babies just don’t like to be covered. So should you buy breastfeeding clothes then?

It really depends on your preference and how comfortable you are breastfeeding in public. But life as a mom is pretty unpredictable and if you’re a breastfeeding momma, it really helps if you own a nursing dress or two.

What To Look For In Breastfeeding Clothes?

The most important thing to consider when shopping for nursing dress is the quality of the fabric. You need one that can withstand the constant pulling of fabric when feeding your baby. And of course, you want one that doesn’t easily rip apart when thrown into the washing machine.

The next important thing to look into is the nursing top’s ease of access. There are those made with zippers or buttons. While others don’t have any of those, but you only need to move the fabric aside or pull it down to bring out your breast. Here’s an illustration of the different access for breastfeeding tops.

Another is the affordability – you have to realize that you don’t breastfeed forever. While some breastfeeding clothes can be expensive, some moms opt for more affordable ones that still have good quality – and yes, they exist.

Where to buy nursing clothes online?

You might visit physical stores but if you don’t have the time or are too lazy to visit a store, that’s when you choose to buy nursing or breastfeeding clothes online.

#1. Elin

I just have to mention Elin first because I hated how I wasn’t able to purchase from them. No, I won’t receive a commission for writing about them, I just want to show some love for this brand. They have gorgeous designs of breastfeeding outfits it’ll leave you drooling. Besides breastfeeding clothes and dresses for pregnant moms, I need to stress that I believe their Billie Multiway Wrap is a must-have. It’s a product that works as a breastfeeding cover, scarf, a vest or even a poncho. When you browse at Elin.ph, you might just get hooked with shopping.


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#2. Lazada

Whatever you want, you know that Lazada got it and Lazada got the goods when it comes to breastfeeding clothes online. This popular one-stop-shop in the Philippines offers a great selection of affordable nursing clothes, as well as maternity wear and nursing bras.

#3. Zalora.ph

Just like Lazada, Zalora is a great source for your fashion needs. I see that Zalora has more choices of breastfeeding clothes online compared to Lazada. If you wish to purchase from Zalora, get a discount using my code: ZBAPCAIN.


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#4. NursingMommiesPH

This brand deserves a shout-out! If you want to know where to buy nursing clothes that are stylish and affordable, go on and check out Nursing Mommies PH. The owner personally picks out the fabric to be used for their designs. These fabrics are from Korea and USA and some of them are tailor-made for the designer based on her personal preference. Visit Nursing Mommies PH’s official site or on Facebook to see some of their gorgeous designs.

#5. MamawayPH

This online shop is also an excellent choice for your maternity and nursing needs. Not only do they have high-quality breastfeeding tops and dresses but they also sell other mommy goods like belly bands and baby carriers.

Find where to buy nursing clothes online for all breastfeeding apparel needs
Knowing where to buy nursing clothes online will help you save time on visiting physical shops

#6. Kaypeebaby

I just recently found out about Kaypeebaby but I read they’re established in 2014. I must say I dig their designs and had I known about them earlier, I would’ve ordered. Plus, they’re more affordable than the other shops I’ve mentioned. Click to browse breastfeeding clothes collection from Kaypeebaby.

#7. Ellie and Me

Just like Kaypeebaby, I recently found Ellie and Me while browsing where to buy nursing clothes online. When I saw what I found, it made me want to be pregnant more just so I can wear these pretty breastfeeding outfits. Check them out now!

Do you know now where to buy breastfeeding clothes?

With these wonderful choices, you might just find yourself receiving parcels more regularly. Online shopping can be addictive. Good luck with that! So, which one is your favorite?

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