13 White Lies That Might Let You Win At Parenting


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Lying in any form is wrong. But at some point or another, let’s admit that as parents, we have told our kids white lies just to get them to do or avoid doing something.

Parents can tell white lies just to preserve a child’s innocence or give you some personal time. Many times, these white lies are used to get kids to behave, making parenting a bit easier. Here’s a collection of white lies from parents that are downright funny and clever, I think I might just use some of them.

#1. When you want to have some “quality time” with Daddy.

#2. Here’s how to make him learn how to be patient and persistent with his goals.

#3. Here’s how to get kids to shut up.

#4. A great idea on how to get your kid to take a bath.

#5. If you want your kid to eat their spinach!

#6. Here’s how you get your share of M&M’s.

#7. Here’s how to keep your secret stash or just to get your kid to stay away from the remote.

#8. When your kid finds fish disgusting… here’s how you make them want to eat it.

#9. When you just feel like joking…

#10. Here’s how you can minimize lying.

#11. Morbid, but clever.

#12. Here’s how to make sure that fridge door remains closed at all times.

#13. Here’s how to make sure your kid doesn’t swallow gum.

Which one is your favorite? What lies have you told your kids? Share them in the comments section below.

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