10 Things To Do When You’re Bored While Breastfeeding


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Breastfeeding is a challenging task many moms have to take on. It’s not easy having to endure the pain of nursing for the first time or even having to feel bored while breastfeeding. But while that’s the case, breastfeeding is still an opportunity to do worthwhile things while getting to enjoy the bond with baby.

Saving time is also one of the many benefits of breastfeeding — especially when you’re going for a direct latch. When you think of it, you don’t need to wash bottles and sterilize them. That time can be used to do some of the following worthwhile things.

1. Eat

Your baby is eating and so should you. There’s no reason you should not be going for your favorite comfort food while breastfeeding. While nursing your baby is a priority, you should not forget that you, as the provider of the milk, should also be eating. Just make sure you eat healthy food or snacks so you’ll have the energy to continue providing care.

Reading can be a fun thing to do if you're bored while breastfeeding
Catch up on some reading while nursing your baby.

2. Catch up with friends

Most moms – especially new ones –  tend to isolate themselves, wanting nothing else but to focus on their newborn. While it’s okay to feel that way and your real friends will understand the space you need, they still want to hear from you. When the little one is peacefully latching, it would be the best time to send a text, chat or even spend a little bit of time talking with your besties on the phone.

3. Read

Grab your favorite book or re-read your favorite stories – whether you have a paperback or a digital file. If you’re an avid reader, nothing can stop you from flipping through pages, not even motherhood. Reading should be a worthwhile thing to do while breastfeeding.

4. Clean the house

Moms are great at multitasking and that would also mean taking care of the house while a baby is latched on to a boob. It’s not an impossible feat once you get the hang of breastfeeding. By then, you’ll realize that breastfeeding isn’t something that should be done only when lying down or sitting. With a sturdy baby wrap or carrier, you can cook, clean or do whatever you want while your baby is feeding peacefully.

5. Talk to baby

Babies need to be talked to even if you know they won’t understand a word you say. But remember, your baby has been hearing your voice even when he or she was still inside your womb. To them, a mother’s voice is the sweetest and most comforting sound there is so take breastfeeding an opportunity to communicate and bond with your child.

You can still clean the house while breastfeeding once you get the hang of things. (Photo: Aqua Mechanical/Flickr)

6. Take a nap

As a first-time mom, you should expect to be exhausted that catching some sleep would be a luxury. But you can get a dose of Zs while breastfeeding – that is if you are comfortable with co-sleeping with an infant and your bed is safe for babies. For me, breastfeeding was a time to take a nap because I always doze off each time I have my baby lying in my arms. I’ve always been a light sleeper and that didn’t change when I became a mom, so co-sleeping and napping while breastfeeding worked for me.

7. Go for an audiobook

If you can’t stand flipping from one page to another to finish a story, there’s always an audiobook to turn to. While you’re feeding your child, you can just sit back, relax and listen to the soothing voice of the storyteller.

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A mother’s voice is the most comforting sound for a baby.

8. Watch movies and series

I never had the time to watch movies and series when I became a mom. It was something I ditched just so I can focus with my child. Besides, when you have a newborn, you can’t help but just stare at them and think about how much you love them. But if you are bored while breastfeeding, enjoying your favorite movie or TV series is a great idea.

9. Color

Coloring can be therapeutic and should be a great hobby to start (or continue) while breastfeeding. There are hundreds of coloring books for adults available nowadays and the designs are just exquisite. If you’re looking for something to do, get those colored pencils and color away as your child feeds.

10. Listen to music

Music heals the soul. Music is also therapeutic. Enjoy a more relaxing breastfeeding session with your baby by putting on your favorite music.

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