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15+ WTF Questions and Comments Women Get During and After Pregnancy




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Pregnancy is not easy – no it’s not. Whoever says it deserves an award –or a high-five in the face. You’d have to give up some things you enjoy in life just to accommodate the growing bump. You watch your diet; give up your favorite sleeping position or even give up sex. Then there’s vomiting like crazy and later on eating like crazy. You’ll struggle to get up; you can’t even bend over and then you’d have to waddle like a duck. The list could go on for all I know.

Those are just some of the common experiences of a woman during her pregnancy. And then there’s having to deal with people who throw uncalled for comments or even ask you WTF questions that will have you raise your eyebrows.


Seriously, why do you even ask that, especially from preggos, who are extremely hormonal and irritable?
I’ve asked friends who are mommies about some of the WTF questions and statements they got while they were pregnant and some, shortly after giving birth. You have to wonder, where are people’s filter nowadays?

#1. “Is it planned?”

I even got asked this question and oh boy it really got me. While Kai was indeed planned for those of you who asked, who the f*** cares??? Why would you ask someone that??? Unless you’re my closest friend or you’re a close relative and we’re having a conversation about pregnancy, you don’t ask that stupid question.

#2. “You’re having (insert gender) again?”

It’s not like we have control over our baby’s gender, right? Oh come on. And my friend Jazz has the most epic response to this. She’ll just tell people that she and her husband are trying to save money on clothes. It would be such a waste if those branded boy clothes won’t be put to good use.

Pregnancy Humor

Julie also had an awesome response to a cousin who told her to make baby number three (while she’s recovering from her C-section) just because she had a girl the second time around: “What’s the problem if it’s a girl? Your mother wasn’t complaining when she found out that you’re a girl, too.” HA-HA!

#3. “Enjoy the ride.”

No. You don’t tell that to a pregnant woman, especially when she feels miserable for the whole nine months.

#4. “Is it a boy or a girl?”

A friend got asked this question after making the big announcement that she was having a boy.


#5. “Where’s the dad? Why are you alone?”

A friend got asked this question by a random stranger while she’s having her prenatal check-up and her husband was working at that time. Seriously, can’t a woman go to the doctor all by herself?

#6. “Who’s the father?”

This came from someone who knew who my friend was dating when she got pregnant.

#6. “You must be having a boy because you look horrible.”

Wow. Thank you so much for your observation.

#7. “Are you pregnant?”

Asked by someone who’s looking at my friend who was six months pregnant at that time. No, no. She’s not pregnant! She just had a whole turkey for lunch!

#9. “Does it hurt when your baby kicks?”

“OMG! How can it not hurt when you’re being pummeled from the inside,” said Apple. You can’t even do something about those kicks, and you dare ask that question???

#10. “It’s time for baby number 2. Go for it!”

Kai wasn’t even a year-old that time, and you dare tell us to make baby number 2? Are you out of your mind? Do you think it’s that easy?!?!

#11. “Why did you let yourself get pregnant? You’re still young.”

My married choirmate, past her 20s, who is obviously very able to support herself, got asked this question when she was pregnant.

There’s also someone asking your age because they think you’re “too young” to get pregnant, but actually, you’re just petite. *wink* at Ding and Mizh

#12. “Can I touch your belly?”

“No you can’t!” People, not all pregnant women like their bellies touched. Be sensitive about it.

#13. “Can you still see your feet?”

Apparently, my college friend Julie got offended when she was asked this question. Hello? You see my belly is humongous, why ask that???

#14. “Oohhh.. what’s that? That looks like a monster!”

A comment from nowhere that my close friend, Eusa, heard when she showed a photo of the UTZ scan to her friends. That guy deserves a whack on the head – that’s my godchild you were referring to!

#15. “Wow! You’ve put on so much weight.”

Dude, the lady just gave birth.

#16. “So you’re done with pregnancy. It’s time for you to lose weight. You look so out of shape and ugly.”

Uhmm.. Baseball bat please………

#17. “The second one should be easy, it’ll be a piece of cake.”

Really? As if labor is easy… *nods at Jazz

#18. “Only five months pregnant women are allowed in the PWD line.”

Said a mall guard to Jai, who was three-months pregnant at that time and having a complicated pregnancy. Tsk!!

#19. “Don’t go swimming in the pool. The baby might drown.”

No. I just can’t wrap my head around that statement. Thanks Jazz, for this epic story.

#20. “Serves you right for screwing around at such a young age!” or “Is the baby daddy going to take responsibility?”

Oh no, you didn’t!

#21. “Push hard, okay?”

A friend got this advice from her mother-in-law repeatedly, and that somehow annoyed her. Isn’t that what a pregnant woman giving birth would do?

You might think your comment won’t offend a pregnant woman, but chances are, they will –and it doesn’t matter if it came from a close friend, relative or a random stranger. The next time you see a preggo, be careful with your words.

If you got more of the WTF questions or moments during or after pregnancy that you’d like to add, hit the comments section below.

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