Yema Recipe – The Easiest Dessert You Can Make


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I’ve written earlier about the failed masi I made at the request of the hub who was away on a motorcycle ride. He meant to tell me that he wanted yema all along. So, I scoured the Internet, again, for the easiest yema recipe. It sounds silly because yema has got to be the easiest dessert recipe you will find. All you need are eggs, milk and sugar!

Yema, which is Spanish for “yolk,” is a chewy and creamy Filipino dessert. The custard candy was created during the time when the Philippines is under the Spanish rule.

I have to admit that making yema can be tedious at first because of all the stirring it needs. Or maybe I was just a bit anxious about not messing it up. And then there’s the separating of egg yolks, because that’s what you’ll be needing after all. I have yet to master that proper cracking of the egg so as not to destroy the yolk as well as separating the yolk from the whites using the shell. I don’t have that separator thingymajig and I don’t have an empty bottle that you can use to effectively separate the yolk.  I ended up using my clean hands HAHA!

Yema Recipe Ingredients

Ok! Let’s move on! You’ll be needing six egg yolks, a big can of condensed milk and sugar  – that’s t. In some versions, though, vanilla essence is added.

What to do:

Mix the egg yolks and milk together in a saucepan and bring to a boil.Don’t stop the stirring.

After boiling, bring the heat to low and continue stirring until the mixture becomes thick.

Careful with your heat, though, as you could have a burnt yema sticking to the pan.

Once your mixture becomes really thick, turn off the heat and let it cool.

Prepare your sugar by placing it inside a container or plate. Once the yema has cooled down, scoop your desired amount and roll in between your hands.

Coat the yema balls with sugar, and that’s it!

Yema recipe is the easiest dessert you can make.

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