Yumbox Review: Yumbox Mini Snack


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It took me a year before publishing this Yumbox review. I’ve been using Yumbox Mini Snack since last year, when Kai entered Kindergarten. I got serious with my baon ideas that I decided to purchase a cute and cool snack box. While Yumbox has different types of compartment lunch boxes, I opted for the Yumbox mini snack variant because Kai only brings snacks to school instead of a full meal.

Technically, it wasn’t me who purchased it. Haha! So it was a gift from my mom, Kai’s grandma, upon my suggestion. And now here’s my complete review.

When looking for lunchboxes, you need one that’s leakproof, is the right size and is sturdy – and Kai’s Yumbox Mini Snakc has all that.

Yumbox Mini Snack Review: What To Expect

Kai has been using Yumbox Mini Snack for a year now | Yumbox Mini Snack Review

The mini snack variant is perfect for small lunches/snacks – especially for Kai’s age in Kindergarten when they only spend two hours in school. Since we didn’t need much I decided to buy this one instead.

There’s another year left before Kai becomes a grade school student, so I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with this Yumbox mini snack for the meantime. And because it’s small, you can’t really put much in there, even with three compartments. So don’t overstuff – only pack what your kid needs and can finish.

Design and Colors

One of the main reasons I decided to get Yumbox is the design and the cute colors. And really, Kai’s snack box is a standout! Haha! Anyway, there are a variety of colors to choose from and Kai picked Cilantro Green. If you’ve been following my baon ideas on Instagram, you’ll see this shade of green.

What To Put In the Mini Snack

You can store 1.5 cups of food. What I usually do is to put the main snack (e.g., sandwiches, muffins) on the left side, and have the smaller ones (fruit slices, small crackers) on the right side. In the circular compartment (middle section), I usually put treats like candies and chocolates or even thin fruit/vegetable slices like cucumber or tomatoes.

Need baon ideas for your YumBox? Head over to this link to read on my baon ideas for preschoolers.

How Much is the Yumbox Mini Snack?

Okay, on to the price because us moms want to know immediately how much this lunchbox is. I can say, honestly, Yumbox doesn’t come cheap. For a little snack box, it costs P1010 + shipping fee (prices vary depending on where you will purchase it from).

But it’s got excellent reviews and Kai’s still looks to be in excellent condition.

Easy to Open

The good thing about Yumbox’s lunch boxes is that they’re easy to open. The same thing can be said of the Mini Snack variant and this is important because you won’t be around during your kid’s snack time.

I guess they let the kids in school open their lunch boxes and feed themselves as well – it’s another training for independence so make sure you choose lunch boxes that are easy to open.

What I Didn’t Like About Yumbox Mini Snack

As I’ve said, the price can turn you off. I know there are a lot of other brands that are much cheaper and still functions as a great lunch box. But to each his/her own, and I just happen to love how I can make the lunch box look pretty.

Another thing I didn’t like about Yumbox Mini Snack is the design on its compartment. It’s now been scratched off or erased, but this is probably because I (or the househelp) wasn’t really careful when washing it.

I guess you shouldn’t be using a rough pad to wash it with. Use a gentle sponge and soap to remove the stains, but not rub it vigorously to preserve the print.

Where to Buy Yumbox Mini Snack

Yumbox Mini Snack lunch box filled with kindergarten school snacks/lunch

I bought Kai’s Yumbox Mini Snack from Bright Brands because they’re the only seller of this product in the Philippines. You can visit their website Brightbrands.ph or Instagram, just search for Bright Brands. If not, you can always visit your favorite online shopping platform – in this case, either Shopee or Lazada and you can find it there.

Want to buy a Yumbox Mini Snack here in the Philippines? Here’s my affiliate link, check it out – this one’s a beautiful Kashmir blue color. You can also find other colors. Want a girly color? Check out this pretty Malibu purple Yumbox Mini Snack.